Single You Out: Pacewon & Mr. Green – Massacre (ft. Chris Rivers)

This is one of the best sixteens I have heard from Pacewon while Chris Rivers annihilates his appearance. But the true show stopper is the best from Mr. Green. These drums snap so hard and the altered vocal sample in the background is the perfect accent to this track. Really dope product from all involved.


Single You Out: Supreme Cerebral x Born Unique x Banish Habitual – Massacre (Prod. By Clypto)

Some new, new from producer Clypto’s (I am presuming since I can not find it yet) forthcoming project, #TheLoop. This is some rough stuff right here. The production is pretty straightforward, allowing emcees Supreme Cerebral, Born Unique, and Banish Habitual leave a wake of carnage on the track.

When I get more information on the project, I will let you know.