JustMe – Knob Creek (ft. Marcus Wilkerson x Sheisty Khrist) (Video)

This is the best track off of JustMe’s latest album, Full Disclosure.  It’s that soulful and meaningful hip hop that’s a game changer in today’s cookie cutter environment.  It’s always good to hear people dropping music with purpose and intent.  Sheisty Khrist’s verse is golden as he takes it to a biblical level.  Dope.

Single You Out: JustMe – Knob Creek (ft. Marcus Wilkerson and Sheisty Khrist)

I am all over this release.  Full Disclosure drops tomorrow and you better believe that I am going to cop this album.  I have heard a couple of tracks from this album and both are remarkable. I really love this joint thought.  The soulful crooning of Marcus Wilkerson and the verses from JustMe and Sheisty Khrist are top shelf.