Single You Out: Kool G Rap, Maffew Ragazino, Typ iLL- Drive Slow (prod DJ Supa Dave)



This is the lead single off of the DCM compilation, Opportunity Knocks Part 2.   The track features some some heavy hitters in the form of Kool G Rap, Maffew Ragazino, and Typ iLL rocking over some DJ Supa Dave production.   Hopefully this new project will be here sooner rather than later because we are in desperate need for some new dope here at HHD.

Phene – Obliged (ft. Maffew Ragazino) (Video)

Phene’s God On A Greyhound has been out for a long minute now so seeing this video was a surprise to me.  A pleasant surprise.  God On A Greyhound is a beast of an album that dropped a couple of years ago so the visual treatment for this track is past due to say the least.  But I’ve seen Phene’s name pop over the course of the last few months so maybe word is getting around about the man’s talent.  Quan is responsible for the production and Ragazino needs no introduction.

Single You Out: Dj Brown 13 – War Goes On (ft. Maffew Ragazino & AG Da Coroner)



Here we go on some ‘Soldier Of Fortune’ type sh-t or do we?  I was expecting some banging boom bap but this cut has some real bluesy flavor and very musical.  I am really feeling this.   It is very different in it’s tone.  Of course you add heavyweights such as Maffew Ragazino and AG Da Coroner and it’s going to be hard to pass this one up.   This cut is off of Dj Brown 13’s forthcoming EP, F.A.T.

Single You Out: Apaulo Treed & Knightstalker – Defcon 2 (ft. Maffew Ragazino) (prod. by Romeo)


Oooooh…damn…damn…love the James Bond sample that gets laced throughout the production.  And all the emcees spit some heavy bars. Apaulo Treed and Knightstalker’s album dropped yesterday, so consider purchasing this if you like those dark and heavy rhythms.  For my part,….this shit sounds tight…

Their album, The Last Line Of Defence is available as of today!

Single You Out: J57 – The Main Event (ft. Actions Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino, and Rasheed Chappell)

This list of emcees is the “in-list” right now.  I mean these guys are all very sought after guest shots right now.  This is that ‘classic’ type of posse cut right here.  The beat is titillating but not overbearing with the keys.   This is the first single  off of J57’s forthcoming EP, 2057.  You know we will be watching out for that!