Peet Caliber x LuvJonez – LoadedPencilsz (2013)


Artist: Peet Caliber x LuvJonez

Album: LoadedPenilsz

Source: TheHipHopHead



We featured Peet Caliber’s music a few months ago.  Peet let me pilfer his Soundcloud and by chance (or not) most of the tracks I picked featured production from LuvJonez.  So it’s no surprise that they release this collection of tracks and although I have heard some of the tracks it’s still nice to have them in one compilation.

If you are a fan of the raw-raw and boom bap flavors the sounds of Peet Caliber and LuvJonez will definitely appease that appetite.  Peet in particular is in the cross hairs as an emcee I know who has the certified material to continue making a splash in this industry.  Enjoy…

Single You Out: Peet Caliber – Amoxicillin

Here’s an artist who knows the sound we like here at HHD!  The beat by LUVJONEZ certainly knocks and got my attention but Peet Caliber proves to be an emcee who can bring you the raw-raw in both English and Spanish.  He’s music is steepened in the same vain as Big Pun and Biggie.  Even though Amoxicillin is three months old…I am obligated to make you aware.

If you like some raw hip hop, you are going to like this joint.  I am hopeful I will be doing a feature with him here on HHD very soon.