Serge Severe x Terminill – Service Without A Smile (2012)

Artist: Serge Severe x Terminill

Album: Service Without A Smile

Source: Artist


1. Monstrosity
2. Rare Flow (ft. Jon Belz)
3. Words In Motion
4. Service Without A Smile
5. Switch It Up
6. Grey Area
7. Thoughts In My Head
8. Know The Truth (ft. Luck One)


I am not a hard man to impress.  I like good hip hop music.  Is that too hard to ask?  Can I get some good hip hop music sent my way? Well, someone in the greater north west heard my beckon call.  Serge Severe and Terminill are certain to make  a statement with their latest release, Service Without A Smile.

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Pass The Mic (ft. Serge Severe, Theory Hazit, Jon Belz, Luck One, Quiz Zilla, Mila Gordana, Cassow, and Braille) Produced by Terminill (Video)

I had already known about 2/3 of the emcees on this posse cut.   They all killed it.  Serge Severe, Theory Hazit, Luck One, and Braille I am very familiar with.  I own projects from each of these emcees.  Outt of the other emcees, only one really had me wanting to check more of his material.  That’s Jon Belz.  I liked his flow.  Best verse has to go to Braille… It also bears mentioning that Terminill’s beat was pretty standout.