Serge Severe x Terminill – Service Without A Smile (2012)

Artist: Serge Severe x Terminill

Album: Service Without A Smile

Source: Artist


1. Monstrosity
2. Rare Flow (ft. Jon Belz)
3. Words In Motion
4. Service Without A Smile
5. Switch It Up
6. Grey Area
7. Thoughts In My Head
8. Know The Truth (ft. Luck One)


I am not a hard man to impress.  I like good hip hop music.  Is that too hard to ask?  Can I get some good hip hop music sent my way? Well, someone in the greater north west heard my beckon call.  Serge Severe and Terminill are certain to make  a statement with their latest release, Service Without A Smile.

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Pass The Mic (ft. Serge Severe, Theory Hazit, Jon Belz, Luck One, Quiz Zilla, Mila Gordana, Cassow, and Braille) Produced by Terminill (Video)

I had already known about 2/3 of the emcees on this posse cut.   They all killed it.  Serge Severe, Theory Hazit, Luck One, and Braille I am very familiar with.  I own projects from each of these emcees.  Outt of the other emcees, only one really had me wanting to check more of his material.  That’s Jon Belz.  I liked his flow.  Best verse has to go to Braille… It also bears mentioning that Terminill’s beat was pretty standout.

Single You Out: Wizdom x Epidemmik – That’s Nice (ft. Sol, Luck-One and Grynch)

This track is a self-fulfilling prophecy because the joint is indeed nice.   The NorthWest represents on this track.  I am sure you will all love this beat.  It’s good enough for your party and to just ease back to.  It’s too good not to enjoy. This is the second single to the forthcoming album from Wizdom and Epidemmik, Unearthed.