Single You Out: Rite Hook – It Ain’t Easy (ft. Vinnie Paz and Slaine)


Rite Hook’s album, From The Wrong, drops on Monday.  This is the last single to drop before the arrival of the album, and it’s a doozy.   Lu Balz’ production it really effective.  It’s not so big that it ‘covers’ the emcees but still knocks.  Rite Hook, Vinnie Paz, and Slaine all have had to struggle for what they have and no…that ain’t easy.  Lace your boots up and cop the album when it drops in a couple of days.

Slaine – Borrowed Time (Feat. Checkmark & Lu Balz) (Video)

Slaine’s new album A World With No Skies 2.0 just dropped today.  It is a really dope album that should be supported.  The man always puts a lot of energy and emotion in his work so make sure you at least check it out.  Here is the first video from the project.  One of the guests is Checkmark who once was the frontman for the Skitzofreniks.  He has a project himself coming out cald Vita Matta.