Longshot and Lazerbeak – Here For A Reason (Video)

Longshot and Lazerbeak release a little optimism and a lot of purpose in their latest single, Here For A Reason.  It’s uptempo and high energy track that will leave an indelible impression upon you.   Not a lot of people are making music in this fashion, so we have something that is unique, yet irresistibly dope.

Longshot has been doing his thing in Chicago for quite a while and I have oft thought about him as an unheralded talent.  But I think there is some more recognition coming here.

New collaborative album arrives on June 8th, Parades.

Single You Out: Longshot – Weak (ft. Rachel Jihan)


Longshot introduces his next project, Instant 4 Eternity, with his lead single, Weak. This song is an important social commentary on domestic abuse. It is an interesting first choice as a single. It’s not your typical banger but then again it’s not your typical content either. Maybe that’s the point. At any rate, this is Longshot’s first album in quite a while and I am looking forward to giving it a listen.   Production comes courtesy of Lazerbeak.