Single You Out: B Leafs – Reaganomics (ft. Elzhi, Ras Kass, M-Dot, and Large Professor)


I was reminded today when B Leafs’ new album, The Horizon,  dropped this morning that I had yet to post this incredibly dope single.   The talent level incorporated with the likes of Elzhi, Ras Kass, M-Dot, and Large Professor is going to be hard to surpass when it comes to lyrical firepower.

I am a little better than halfway through the whole project by the way and it’s solid!  But this the marquee moment thus far through my listen.

Album Review: M-Dot – egO anD The eneMy (2017)

Artist: M-Dot

Album: egO anD The eneMy


  1. Intro
  2. Dreamscape
  3. Foreign
  4. Days Are All The Same
  5. Chrissy
  6. Nomads (ft. Krumbsnatcha)
  7. The Empathy
  8. Gleamin’ (ft. B.A.M.)
  9. Give It To Me
  10. Fugazzi (ft. Jaysaun)
  11. No Excuses
  12. Shine (ft. Method Man and Dominique Larue)
  13. Meow Mix
  14. True Lies (ft. Camp Lo and Tribeca)
  15. Reliant
  16. Death To Raquel
  17. 911


It is no secret around these parts that M-Dot is a much respected name. We feature nearly all of his music. But it’s also been a minute since he has released an album and in the end it’s time to take account, because creating an album is a much different endeavor than dropping singles or mixtapes. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

But in the end, M-Dot, met and exceeded expectations with egO anD The eneMy. The album remains potent from track one to track seventeen. There is no “fluff”. There are no trivial skits. There are no weaknesses to be found in the music.

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Single You Out: Illa Ghee – 90 (prod. by Large Professor)

Social Grafitti (dropping July 18th) is shaping up t be one hell of an album.  Every track that I have heard from the project has been top notch.  What I love about this Illa Ghee track is it shows that he can not only flip over classic bangers, but that he can drop the same skills on a more laid back joint.   Of course it doesn’t hurt that the laid back joint of which I speak is produced on the back of a legend, Large Professor!  Definitely make sure you peep the album!


B-1 – Hands of Time (prod. by Large Professor) (Video)

B-1 got laced by Large Professor with some vintage hip hop production, and evidently  he knew exactly what to do with that…he rips it.  B-1 has, not just a good flow, but a great flow.  He’s putting these young kids on notice with a skill set like this.   Good show.  The fact that this track comes from the vaults of 1997 is pretty impressive when considering how well it plays over 15 years later.   It still sounds fresher than the majority of the sounds coming out at this moment.

According to the Ill Adrenaline press release that accompanied this track, B-1 is working on a new album due out next year and this single (not related to his album) is available at iTunes right now.


Ill Bill – Acid Reflux (Video)

Ill Bill and Large Professor connect for this video single off of Bill’s most recent project, The Grimy Awards.  I love how Large Professor links the Gravediggaz sample into the cut.  That’s vintage material.   The video itself is trippy, while Bill’s content keeps you next to the speaker so you can pick up on what he is going to say next.  He’s always in tune with socio-political material so he can drop that knowledge.