Natural Elements – NE Definitely Mixtape (2013)


Artist: Natural Elements (A-Butta x Swigga x Mister Voodoo)

Album: NE Definitely Mixtape

Source: Web Browsing


1. Mister Voodoo ft. KA – Relax Your Mind
2. L-Swift – How Itz Going Down (Remix)
3. L-Swift x Mister Voodoo – Yes Yes Y’all (Radio Edit)
4. Nightbreed – Dark Day
5. Raidermen – Top Dollar
6. Natural Elements – I Got Your Heart
7. L-Swift – Don’t Sleep
8. Nightbreed – Who’s Spot Must I Take Now
9. Natural Elements – Wishing On A Star
10. Nightbreed – Don’t Question Why
11. 2Face – DJ 279 Freestyle Choice FM 1996
12. Natural Elements – Every Day (Instrumental)
13. Natural Elements – Life Ain’t Fair (Original Version)
14. Natural Elements – Tri-Boro
15. Mister Voodoo – Regulation Time
16. Natural Elements – Bust Mine (Instrumental)
17. Nightbreed – Two Roads Out The Ghetto
18. Natural Elements – Second Hand Smoke
19. L-Swift & Mister Voodoo – Stretch & Bobbitio WKCR Freestyle 1995
20. L-Swift – Relax (Demo Tape Version)
21. Natural Elements – Shine
22. L-Swift – Live The Life
23. Mister Voodoo – Pen Hits Paper
24. Natural Elements – By Nature
25. Raidermen Feat. Mister Voodoo – Gettin’ Over
26. Natural Elements – The Promo


I obviously missed this mixtape or else it would have been front and center on HHD much sooner.   This is a compilation of rarities that showcase the crews come up in the mid-to-late 1990s.  These are tracks that they performed as a crew, solo artists, and some guest spots.  I have been an avid listener of NE throughout the years and there are a few tracks on here that I haven’t even heard.  It’s going to make for some good listening mixed by Bad Cop.

One of the reasons that this project is being released now is that A-Butta, Swigga, and Mister Voodoo are back at it making music as a collective again. The one track they have released, All Hail NE, is truly dope and definitely bodes well for their forthcoming projects.  Really excited about this one folks so make sure you give this a listen and get yourself familiar with the crew.  They will be hitting you with some new material shortly.


Single You Out: Natural Elements – All Hail NE



I hate posting on the weekends but I can’t help it.  This news is BIG!  All of us older heads can breathe again, and youngers can start anew.  Natural Elements (Agu, Swigga, and Anthony Cruz) is back in the building and the track is dope!  The three show excellent chemistry as if they have never been apart.  If you listen to their older material (which I strongly encourage) you will hear that undeniable chemistry again and again.  Man, enjoy this people…I know I am.