Kyo Itachi x Realio Sparkzwell – Nothin Can Save You (ft. Vast Aire) (Video)

This track borders on the maniacal and certainly stays on the side of being dope.  Kyo Itachi has established himself in the last several years as one of the finest producers in the industry, and here he links with Realio Sparkwell and Vast Aire to create something dangerous.  DJ Afar provides the cuts completing the whole affair.

This joint can be found off Itachi and Sparkzwell project, Akira.

Single You Out: Kyo Itachi x Ruste Juxx – Samurai Sushi

New single from Kyo Itachi’s forthcoming album, Genkidama, featuring oft-collaborator Ruste Juxx. These two, over the course of the last couple of years and two projects, have really honed in on a sound. Itachi intermingles the strings with the drums while Juxx lets off his sixteen without fear and remorse.

There are high hopes for this project. Itachi has become one of the top producers in the game and the project is laden with heavy lyrical hitters.

Skanks – The Huntsmen (ft. Raf Almighty) (prod. by Kyo Itachi) (Video)

Bankai Fam meets the Dirt Platoon, when Skanks and Raf Almighty form The Huntsmen.  The venerable Kyo Itachi does the proper work behind the boards to create that grimy and gritty sound that you are hearing.   This track is pulled off of Skanks’ forthcoming album, The Shinigamie Flowfessional.   I believe the project will be produced completely by Itachi though that’s not confirmed.

Skanks – In My Mind (ft. El Gee) (Prod Kyo Itachi) (Video)

Is it possible that I didn’t see this before?  Maybe it was the name Skanks that through me off and I didn’t even check it, but this time I notice that it’s the French beatsmith, Kyo Itachi doing the production.  Those credentials will get you noticed around these parts.  I am a huge Itachi fan.  It also turns out that Skanks has some skills.   He’s repping that true New York flavor that so many of his contemporaries have abandoned.  He is getting set to drop his new album entitled, The Shinigami Flowfessional soon, so if you dug this video, check for his sounds.

Artist Of The Year: Ruste Juxx (2012)


Well, the cat’s out of the bag.  Ruste Juxx is the Hip Hop Dependency Artist Of The Year For 2012!  Ruste Juxx really upped his game for 2012.  He dropped two different stellar projects.  One project was was with French producer Kyo Itachi entitled Hardbodie Hip Hop. The other, more recent project, was with a new favorite of mine, The Arcitype entitled simple, V.I.C.

Ruste Juxx wasn’t just about putting out a couple of great albums, he was on at least a dozen other cuts from other artists, always dropping solid bars. He was by far the most prolific artist of 2012.

One of the most compelling things about Ruste Juxx in 2012 was his flexing his verbal dexterity on the V.I.C. album.  He broadened his content and really stepped out in my mind.

So Ruste Juxx, Hip Hop Dependency salutes you!  Your accolades are way overdue.

(Below are ten videos Ruste Juxx found himself on in 2012.  Just to give you a sample of what he’s been up to.)

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