Single You Out: Coarse Company – Bohemians



New track from the collective known as Coarse Company, which is comprised of Koncept and Tenacity.   And for these Bohemians the sky is the limit when rocking over this uncredited (as far as I can tell) production.   The two emcees really blend their unique styles for the sake of making some good hip hop.  That’s selfless.

Their project, Same Page, drops for free on December 17th (a mere day away).

Single You Out: Coarse Company (Tenacity & Koncept) – City Hurts (ft J57 & Natalie Andrea)



Koncept & Tenacity make up the group Coarse Company.  The combination proves to be really dope.  Koncept has been dropping consistently dope material for a few years now.  Tenacity released a couple of dope albums this year and I will just let it be said:  He was the HHD runner-up for our Artist Of The Year this year.   You don’t just drop two dope albums and not get noticed.

The J57 produced song, City Hurts comes from their upcoming project, Same Page, which comes out next week.   This song bodes well for the quality of the project.

Single You Out: Koncept – My Peace (prod. by Numonics)



Is Numonics underrated?  Is he underappreciated?  Perhaps the answer is yes elsewhere but his sound is beloved in HHD’s neck of the woods.  And here he is producing the next Koncept project in it’s entirety. Nice.  This cut is off the rocker.  I love the sound, the vibe, and Koncept’s flow.  So write down the date: October 22nd.   That’s when the Numonics x Koncept collaborative EP, Live On drops.


Single You Out: Koncept – Love Me (ft. Lollybone) (Prod. by Tranzformer)



Just close your eyes and let Tranzformer’s piano keys and Lollybone’s soulful song just carry you away!   Oh wait a minute, let’s not forget Koncept’s bars, because he’s got bars.    This song is like 1920s flapper meets 1990s boom-bap.  A really nice break from the monotony by offering us a different sound entirely.  Koncept’s Live On EP, produced by Numonics, drops on October 22nd.