Single You Out: King Syze x Reef The Lost Cauze – Sigel (prod. by Grim Reaperz)


King Syze and Reef The Lost Cauze have a collaborative project dropping called, Year Of The Hyenas and Sigel is the first single from that project.   The production is handled by the French production team, Grim Reaperz. This track is all kinds of hype and Reef’s bars are top notch here.  His Riley Cooper line had me do a double take…nice!

King Syze – Union Terminology (2014)



Artist: King Syze

Album – Union Terminology


1. Intro
2. Boilerplate Language
3. Injunction
4. Union Goons (feat Lawrence Arnell)
5. Due Process
6. Grievances
7. Fruit Of Labor (feat Reef The Lost Cauze)
8. Mediation
9. Business Agents (feat Planetary and Lawrence Arnell)
10. Last Chance Agreement
11. Work Stoppage


This is not a review.  There is simply no time.  I just wanted to make you guys aware that this joint dropped.  I have King Syze’s entire discography and every album is completely dope.  It’s authentic material and I encourage you all to cop this.

King Syze – Overtime (2011)

Artist: King Syze

Album: Overtime

Source: Twitter


01. Don’t Stop
02. We Don’t Front (ft. Reef the Lost Cauze)
03. The Limit
04. Spit These Bars (ft. Des Devious & Phil Harmonic)
05. Sibling Rivalry (ft.Outerspace)
06. Everything is Everything (ft.Reef the Lost Cauze)
07. What I Am
08. Ultimate Tag Team (ft. Rellik)
09. Y’all Know the Name
10. Envious Glory (ft. Planetary & Reef the Lost Cauze)
11. Hattori Hanzo (ft. Equinox, Iron Kong & El Dorado)
12. Disastrous Occurrence (ft. Raw Dismemberment & Reef the Lost Cauze)
13. Choosing Death (ft. Crypt the Warchild & Reef the Lost Cauze)


This is not meant to be a review.  This is just me lending support to a very talented artist.  King Syze compiled some of his previous work in this release and therefore it’s really not what I would consider “reviewable”.  Much of this material I had heard before, but some of it is new to me.   It is all very dope though.  King Syze has had two very dope albums in the past (Syzemology and The Labor Union).  Both of those releases did not receive the shine that they deserved and for one reason or another King Syze stepped back from music for a while.

But now he is getting back in the studio and thought he would assemble this compilation to re familiarize folks with his music while getting started on a new project.  Definitely make sure you download this if you are not up on King Syze and await his future project.