Critical – Clinical Studies (2012)

Wow. What a nice surprise this was!  I own most of these jawns from Critical, but to see them all in once place is impressive.  The man has put in work, and this project puts that into perspective.  Critical is a very talented emcee on the Creative Juices roster and has an album dropping later this year entitled, Electrical Tape.  My favorite joints are his collaborations with Little Vic which are done under the monniker, Hidden Agenda.

Check this mixtape out.  You are bound to find some interesting gems.


Kap Kallous – The TV EP

Artist: Kap Kallous

Album: The TV EP


  1. Intro – ChannelSurfing (prod. by DJ Dolo and MONOwax)
  2. Lets Do Lunch (prod. by DJ Dolo and MONOwax)
  3. Bitchuations (prod. by DJ Dolo and MONOwax)
  4. Go On (prod. by DJ Dolo and MONOwax)
  5. Where I Am (prod. by DJ Dolo and MONOwax)
  6. Warphone (prod. by DJ Dolo and MONOwax)


Kap Kallous is one of many talented emcees from the Florida area.   I first heard him on the collaborative project,  The Caveman Theory which released and album called The Stone Quartet in 2007 which featured some of the states most talented artists.

I came across The TV EP just by chance.  I hate coming across things by chance because that means the word isn’t getting out appropriately.  I just happened to see a “Tweet” (yeah, I know) about it, so I definitely wanted to check it out.

It’s short and ill.  It’s a build up for his new LP dropping later this year entitled, I Should’ve Kept My Mouth Shut.  According to Kap that should drop in early 2011.  The track that I found most dope off of this release was, Where I Am.  Dude, can spit some bars, no doubt.

Download this.  Check The Cave Man Theory Album from 07.   And come back for more information about his latest projects. One.