Jermiside & Danny Diggs – Quiet As Kept (2013)


Artist: Jermiside & Danny Diggs

Album: Quiet As Kept


1. How I Feel (ft. Destruments)
2. Book Of Rhymes (ft. Theory Hazit, K. Sparks, and DJ Mayhem)
3. Never
4. Bloodline
5. Life Lessons (ft. I-EL and DJ Mayhem)
6. The Depths
7. The Innocent
8. Thank You (ft. L-Marr the Star and Ill Poetic)
9. Victory Is Mine
10. Be Forever
11. Victory Is Mine (The Expert Remix)
12. Bloodline (Illustrate Remix)


When was the last time that you positively impacted by an album?   Never?  Months?  Years?   Well, I felt pretty damn good after I finished the first few listens of Jermiside and Danny Diggs’ new album, Quiet As Kept. Jermiside litters the album with introspection, insight, personality, and positivity.   He blends a dose of real world pragmatism with an optimistic nature, while Danny Diggs keeps the music very organic and in more than one case…therapeutic.

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Hip Hop Dependency Artist Of The Year: K. Sparks

This is my first time putting thought into creating an Artist Of The Year accolade.  As I went through an enormous list of emcees it became apparent that a few names would rise to the top.  Ultimately, I believe there is one person who was able to separate themselves from the rest of the compestion: K. Sparks.

K. Sparks is the consummate professional. Along with being a supremely talented artist.  His ability on microphones goes unquestioned.  He has demonstrated hundreds of times this year alone his gift to rock mics.  But there are lots of talented emcees and talent alone may not merit this accolade.  What does separate K. Sparks from the rest of the pack is his committment to his craft.

K. Sparks defines what it means to be “prolific”.   He has released so many projects in the last few years and in this case increased quantity does not diminish quality  by any stretch of the imagination.  Each of K. Sparks’ projects have illustrated an incredible display of dopenesss.

I strongly encourage you to check out a few if not all of K. Sparks albums or mixtapes.  He has so much to choose from.  You can download and purchase music from his website.   I would recommend checking out the album A Day In The Life as that is a personal favorite.

Also be sure to seek the man out on Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube.

Below you will find that K.Sparks took time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions.   I found his responses very thoughtful and insightful.  I had no idea how organized the man is in his business.  It was actually quite inspiring.  Check It.

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Jeff Chery – The Transition

Artist: Jeff Chery

Album: The Transition

Source: DJ Booth

Track Listing:

  1. Nu JC (prod by The RZA)
  2. Someday (prod. by Katapult)
  3. Candy Girl (prod. by Gamble)
  4. Pass The Dutchy (prod. by Chase N.Cashe)
  5. Drop The World (prod. Hit-Boy & Chase)
  6. Gotta Make It (ft. L.Jaye) (prod. by Kalaj Dame)
  7. Pedigree (prod. by Good Will)
  8. They Get Around (prod. Sam Sneed)
  9. Say You Will (prod by Kanye West)
  10. Come From (prod. by Scott Armstrong)
  11. One Night Stand (prod. by Hoodfamous)
  12. I Bet He’s Nice (ft. K. Sparks) (prod. by D. Roof)
  13. Steady Mobbin (prod. by Kane Beatz)
  14. The Pair (prod. P Haze)
  15. Doubt Me (ft. CurT@!n$) (prod. Kalaj Dame)
  16. Airplanes (prod. by Alex Da Kid)
  17. Who Is That (ft. Lil Chuckee) (prod. JHot)
  18. Silly


The Transition is a mixed bag for me.  There are some excellent tracks on here and then there are some that I feel fall short of his potential.  I have enjoyed Jeff Chery tracks before.  He is a mainstay for a lot of the popular blogs so the exposure is definitely there.    With that being said, I think I could half this album and listen to about fifty percent of the tracks and do without the rest.

This album suffers from an uncomfortable duality.  The production from the album is almost exclusively based on synthed out beats.  Whether they be original or instrumentals used previously from other artists.  I am simply not a fan of that sound.   There are times where it sounds good, ala Pedigree and They Get Around.   These tracks utilize good hooks and Jeff Chery comfortably flows on top of them.    These two songs are definitely highlights.  The rest of the production feels pretty bland.

On some of the other songs I feel like the content of the rhymes is a little cliche.  Alot of tracks regarding the ladies slow the progress of the album.  I don’t mind a couple of cuts but too many defines redundancy.   A little more diversity with eighteen tracks would have been better for the project.

Again,  I don’t want to totally disregard the project as it does have it’s merits.  I just can’t recommend it.