Spit Gemz – Al SweearenGemz (prod. by Junior Makhno)

Man, this song is tough, and even takes on a new appeal with video.  In this way you can see Spit Gemz expressions while spittin’ his ridiculous wordplay over this Junior Makhno beat.

You can find this dope cut in two places, Spit Gemz released, Godly Features, and Makhno’s recetnly released, Clandestinity.  Now all we need is a fully collaborative project between the two because this track sounds so good!


Single You Out: Heddshotts – Elephant In The Room (prod. by Junior Makhno)

Second single from the collaborative effort from US emcees, Heddshotts and French producer, Junior Makhno.   You can tell from a song like Elephant In The Room that this union was inevitable.  They build on each other’s strengths as Makhno laces the banger and the Militia slay the mic. The project is called Circus Of The Freaks and is due out on December 16th for free.

Don’t miss the gift!

Single You Out: Strange Tongue (cRITICAL & Mygrane McNastee) – Boogieman Anthem (ft. Midaz The Beast)

This track has been out for 14 days?  Damn.  Where was I at?  I just recently got the Creative Juices Music Newsletter and this track was front and center.  Strange Tongue is comprised of cRITICAL and Mygrane McNastee and this is the first single from their upcoming album, Mutant Dialect.   Boogieman Anthem is for all those who fear what goes bump in the night.   Super-Producer, Junior Makhno uses low octave piano chords and a haunting organ providing the canvas for the emcees to make the skin crawl.  Peep…

JMega The God (True Masterz) – Desperado (Video)

More music that bangs from the combination of JMega and Junior Makhno.   This song should be featured on their new album, Blood & Thunder which, as of yet, does not have a release date.  On this track, Makhno throws together a string symphony for JMega to spit over, even lacing the intro with a little Steve Buscemi from the movie, Desperado.  JMega has a tight delivery and strikes me as clever with the words…

When I find out when the project drops…I will make for certain you do as well…