John Creasy – Customers


Some new music from John Creasy, and we are DEFINITELY feeling his new project, Teflon.  The music/production from Ol Man 80zz at times hits hypnotizing levels and that’s no more evident on the track we are featuring, Customers.   Creasy keeps his delivery and rhymes raw and over this beat that just will leave you wanting more.  That’s a good thing because the whole EP is on this level.  Enjoy!

Single You Out: John Creasy – Power Trip


I wanted to share with you some music from man on fire, John Creasy.  Did you get the reference there?  If not study up. Haha.   Creasy has a new project that dropped earlier this month called, Power.   He has a strong delivery and cadence over this smooth, horn-laced production from Enrichment that I think the HHD audience is going to vibe with.

I can easily see him becoming a staple on the site.  Check him out.