Single You Out: These Handz – New World Order (ft. Jmega, Don Streat & Macabeats)


These Handz is comprised of producer Sparkii Ski and DJ Grazzhoppa and they are all about that boom bap hip hop flavor. We have here two mixes of the same song but they are both banging so I wanted to feature both.  I have mentioned Grazzhoppa countless times on here and he has never been a part of a bad project or song.  Everything he has done has been the premium project.

On this song we have JMega from True Masterz rocking with Don Streat and Macabeats from the Animal Pak.  It’s lyrically fire which blends perfectly with the fire of the production and scratching.  The remix from Mighgawd is more of a down tempo pace that has more of a rock influenced flavor behind it but it’s dope nonetheless.   Make sure you give these a listen.

JMEGA THE GOD – Bobby Johnson (Video)

JMEGA releases the video for Bobby Johnson,  a single from his latest album,  NIGGAZ IZ KINGZ FOREVER.  The track is paying repsect to the Golden Era of hip hop but I think it is more than that.  It’s taking that new school boom bap with a sharp, modern twist.  And if you want to push your track u a notch, getting DJ Grazhoppa to do the cuts is one way to do it.

JMega The God (of True Masterz) – If I Die (Video)

JMega The God drops something in the same vain as 2Pac’s Death Around The Corner.  Death is coming for us for us all…so be ready if someone tries to take it from you forcefully.   Purpose of Tragic Allies is the man responsible for the beat.   I am presuming that this is a single off of JMega’s forthcoming album, Niggaz Iz Kingz.  As an aside, if you have not heard JMega and Junior Makhno’s album, Blood & Thunder, you need to check it.

JMega The God (True Masterz) – Desperado (Video)

More music that bangs from the combination of JMega and Junior Makhno.   This song should be featured on their new album, Blood & Thunder which, as of yet, does not have a release date.  On this track, Makhno throws together a string symphony for JMega to spit over, even lacing the intro with a little Steve Buscemi from the movie, Desperado.  JMega has a tight delivery and strikes me as clever with the words…

When I find out when the project drops…I will make for certain you do as well…