Single You Out: Jedi Mind Tricks – You Have One Devil But Five Angels

The latest single from Jedi Mind Tricks’ forthcoming release, The Bridge & The Abyss could be their best yet.   Stoupe’s piano laced rhythm provides that dark landscape for Vinnie Paz to lace tailor-made hard bars for the occasion.

This album is shaping up to be among the hardest of the year.  Every track has been hella tough.

Jedi Mind Tricks – San La Muerte (Video)

New Jedi Mind Tricks album is coming our way on June 22nd and best believe it will be one of the most anticipated albums of 2018.   No one in independent hip hop has quite the following as does Vinnie Paz and Stoupe.  They’ve been rocking it for two (or nearly two) decades…delivering lauded production and hard -hitting lyricism.  The recipe hasn’t changed as you can tell from their single here, San La Muerte.  Vinnie is keeping funeral homes filled over a Stoupe banger.

Army of the Pharaohs – The Demon’s Blade (Video)

The Demon’s Blade is just one of the many bangers that one can find on AOTP’s latest album, In Death Reborn.   The team dispenses with the need for a hook on this track and just offer bars only.  Leaf Dog formulates the production formula for the team to rock over.  If you haven’t copped the album yet…it’s prolly just too late for you.

Single You Out: Jedi Mind Tricks – Target Practice (Shuko Remix)

The original just dropped, what, 2 weeks ago?  Well, I am not complaining.  Shuko’s rendition of this track is dope.  The new JMT album drops in two weeks so be prepared.  I am thinking that by having a new staple of producers for this album (no offense to Stoupe) that we might have a very special album on our hands.  Violence Begets Violence   You can preorder now!


Single You Out: Jedi Mind Tricks – Target Practice

Saw JMT retweet this on their twitter line and I am all about a new Jedi Mind Tricks record!  This time around Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah  work mics without Stoupe behind the boards and there really doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that as this track bangs.  Target Practice is just the first taste of Violence Begets Violence dropping on October 25th.