Single You Out: Skrewtape – Somewhere Fast

Skrewtape is back with a new single which proves to be an oxymoron in it’s title. Somewhere Fast only moves at our emcee’s pace which is particularly methodical. Jazzsoon laces the beat which is no hurry, just like our emcee which really is the point of this song.

Now that karma catch up to you / Seen the warning signs, should have been enough for you / Know shit was tough for you / But you gotta change your ways…it’s must for you

Don’t let people who are going somewhere fast drag you with them.

Spit Gemz – New Scar (Video)

This video has been out for a few weeks, but it’s Spit Gemz, and it’s important to share his music whenever a chance to presents itself. This joint is off of his most artistic endeavor, Pardon My Poetry.

This man has such a tenacity as an artist, and he does it with great intellect. You can hear a microphone slaughter occuring, but inside of that carnage is amazing turn of phrase. Case in point is his Caduceus line.

New Scar is produced by Jazzsoon.

Make sure you check out his new project.

Nems – Gahbage (Video)

Nems releases the video for the single Gahbage off of his forthcoming album, Gorilla Monsoon which is dropping in less than a week.  Everything I have been hearing from this project has been stellar…and pretty much all of Nems bars on ANY project have been showstoppers as of late so we should be in a for a dope listen!