Single You Out: Jay Royale – Roddy Piper (ft. Supreme Cerebral)

New single from Jay Royale rocking over a beat from Slumlord and with scratches from DJ Grazzhoppa.  You also have the shooter Supreme Cerebral dropping a sure shot sixteen bars.   The track has a very movie score vibe to it with the strings and sound effects and the emcees treat the track like they are a tag team ready to run down the competition.  Really dope track!

Grime Lords – Power Refinement (ft. J Scienide x Jay Royale) (Video)


I missed posting this from a couple of weeks ago but it needs to be shared albeit better late than never. Grime Lords (Born Unique x Pete Twist) are back with guest bars from J Scienide and Jay Royale, hitting you with the latest video single from their album, Wimbledon Dons. The album is just as hard hitting as this track. Super dope material!