Awar – Spoils of War / Money Machine Music (Video)

Awar gives two tracks from his album, Spoils Of War, the cinematic treatment with a combined visual single.   I listened to the album yesterday and it’s all the way dope.  But these two tracks are among my favorite.   I just really feel the lyricism and the vibe these joints provide.   Dope and relatable.   These tracks are produced by Vanderslice and Jake One respectively.

Silent Knight – Holla Burton (5 Year Anniversary Ed.)


Silent Knight release Holla Burton in 2008 and now he’s re-releasing the project which includes the instrumentals to the original twelve song.  Anything, SK puts out is worth listening to and this no different.  You’ve got production from !llmind, Analogic, M-Phazes, Jake One and DJ Vadim.  That’s some of the illest beatsmiths in the game.  It’s Christmas and this is a true gift.  I’ve owned it for a while, now it’s your turn to catch up!


1. Holla Burton Intro
2. Regular Guy (produced by !llmind)
3. Pop Culture Shock (produced by Jake One)
4. Scarlet Fever (feat. East) (produced by Erv Ford)
5. Where Is It Goin? (produced by DJ Vadim)
6. Be OK (produced by M-Phazes)
7. The Journey Continues (produced by DJ Ings)
8. The Wager (feat. 8thW1 & Fresh Daily as Charlie Brown’s Field Goal) (produced by !llmind)
9. What Makes U (produced by Erv Ford)
10. Goin’ Get It (produced by Analogic)
11. Block Justice (produced by M-Phazes)
12. Siren Symphony (produced by Erv Ford)

Download @ DJ Booth

AWAR: Elephant Gun (prod by. Jake One)


AWAR has been on my radar for more than just a couple of years.  Many people got to hear music from him for the first time, but AWAR has been making music for much longer than that.   I am glad he is getting the recognition he deserves though and this cut, Elephant Gun, is only add fuel to that fire.  Jake One on the production, so you know it knocks.  New album, The Laws Of Nature, drops next week.

No. 5 J. Pinder – Code Red EP (2010)

Artist: J. Pinder

Album: The Code Red EP

Source: 2DopeBoyz


  1. Code Red
  2. All That Fire (ft. Zach Bruce) (prod. by Jake One)
  3. No Turnin Back (ft. Toki Wright) (prod. by Vitamin D)
  4. Go Far (prod. by Kuddie Fresh)
  5. Safe Place (ft. Guilty Simpson) (prod. by Kuddie Fresh)
  6. Later On (ft. Rapper Big Pooh and Zach Bruce) (prod. by Kuddie Fresh)
  7. Three Words (prod. by Vitamin D)
  8. Kill It (prod by Kuddie Fresh)


Representing the Great Northwest is, J. Pinder with his release, the Code Red EP.   This EP stands out with great song after great song.  It has stayed in deep rotation in my Itunes for months on end and it has something that heads of all walks of life can appreciate.

All That Fire is a super smooth track that is backed by the vocals of Zach Bruce and production by the venerable Jake One.  The lyrics aren’t going to shock the world but this is a solid track to vibe to.  I can picture J. Pinder performing this song in a smokey Jazz Club and having the whole audience nodding their heads in accordance.  The beat is relatively simple but it’s infectious.  Zach Bruce’s hook really completes the track.  His vocals really make this a great song.

No Turnin’ Back maintains the good feelings that All That Fire set off.   The content of this cut is a little bit harder than the aforementioned track but the hook again has that capacity to hold your attention and have you singing along, guaranteed.  Emcees J. Pinder and Toki Wright tell street stories that detail the moves that are made to become successful.   Vitamin D is behind the boards using ill combinations of strings and guitar licks to back the emcees’ delivery.  Tracks like this keep the listener motivated and put their best foot forward to get what they want out of life.

Safe Place, features Detroit rhyme spitter Guilty Simpson and just like you might expect, this song goes hard.  The beat is crafted by Kuddie Fresh and is filled with horns and a thick bass riff.  I am really feeling this joint musically.  This is music to creep by.   Simpson and J. Pinder trade verses about making the money and being able to keep it away from the powers that be, or the snakes in the grass.  And again, the ill hook just completes the song.   I harp on this alot, but the art of making a good hook is lost on some people, J. Pinder knows the secret though!

All in all, you need to get to know, J. Pinder.   He is versatile.   He can speak on a number of different topics.  Simply put, he is making better music than a lot of others in the game.   Code Red is the initial embodiment of his immense talent, so be sure to check for it.