Single You Out: Syler – What I Am? (prod. by J. Glaze)



J. Glaze gets those piano keys banging and the bass line thumping and that means BANGER!  Syler is no slouch on the microphone either.  He definitely is on point and on time with the lyricism.  The chorus is also done really well which is essential when crafting a dope song.   Syler’s new album, One Minute To Midnight, is slated to drop November 19th.

Single You Out: Emilio Rojas – Breaking Point

Emilio Rojas is a favorite at my house.  He always spits from the heart and his flows are so intense the listener can’t help but feel what he feels to some degree.    With that being said, Breaking Point just is a building of that emotional intensity.  I hope his new EP is just as ill because this where he is at his best.  For instance this is the one of the illest and real bars I have ever heard:

…my daddy learned she was pregnant and he was so angered / He tried to end it, I’m no stranger to coat hangers

It gets no realer!