Single You Out: Scribbling Idiots – Victorious (ft. Red Cloud, Cas Metah, Playdough. Sojourn, Manchild, Jurny Big)



Good Gravy!  There’s some dope lyricism to be found on this cut right here!  This is yet another DOPE cut from the Scribbling Idiots’ forthcoming album, Invitation Only.   The emcees are guided by the strings within the production and all emcees drop some dope gems but this line from Cas Metah had me run it back a couple of times:

Leave the street sweeper in the back soldier / Or I’ll be forced to leave blood on the door like Passover

Step your bible game up!

Single You Out: Scribbling Idiots – Old Heads (feat. muzeONE, Wonder Brown & BlackBolt)



The Scribbling Idiots are back together and making that good hip hop music.   This is a crew that is well-rooted in the hip hop fundamentals and have a since appreciation for the culture.  They are also prone to making either thought provoking music or uplifting joints.  I think this qualifies as the latter of the two.  At any rate, this track is just the sampler of what lies ahead when the crew drops their album, Invitation Only.