Single You Out: Sareem Poems & Imperial – God Bless the Child


Usually I provide my own commentary, but who am I to address something so personal?  I will let the man Sareem Poems tell the story behind this track with Imperial, with a toast to fatherhood and good hip hop music:

Around the time Imperial and I were starting our project, he released an instrumental called God Bless the Child. Everyone raved about it and the emotion of the beat grabbed me. I immediately thought about my son Zaire, the journey to the day of his birth and the lengths I would go to make sure he knows that he is loved.

I hit up Imperial about the idea of adding vocals to his masterpiece. My lyrics detail my personal journey of being a father. I’m sure that other fathers and mothers can relate. It was also a chance to have my wife sing on something (her voice is beautiful). I hope I have added to the brilliance Imperial shared with you all not too long ago.

Single You Out: MaV – Imperial b/w Observe & Report (ft. Just FLoW)


MaV recently released his GhettOthello project and it took me a while to run through it and I have to say I was amazed.  I was amazed not because of the dope music (I expected that) but by how professional everything was done.  It was solid from the rhymes and beats all the way down to the mix down.  There was careful execution in the arrangement of the tracks and not a lot of people understand how important that is to showcase your talents.   The attention to detail was impeccable.  Also it bears mentioning that MaV produced most of the project himself and you will understand how impressive  when you hear the project.

Now to the tracks at hand.  I first heard MaV because of his collaborations with another artist we have showcased here, Just FLoW.  It just so happens that the two of them have a couple of dope tracks on this joint and it gives you an insight into how dope this project is.  Observe and Report is definitely an early candidate for the Top 50 at the end of the year.


Observe & Report