Single You Out: Sketch McGuiney – Knuckleheads (ft. K-Beta & Cuban Link) (prod. !llmind)

!llmind lends a banger to Sketch McGuiney and his comrades K-Beta and Cuban Link.  It’s music like this that lets you know that hip hop is alive and well and when placed in the right hands can still stimulate ear drums.   This joint really goes incredibly hard and I am so glad to hear K-Beta on a joint again.  I also love the little subtleties in the track such as the line from The Usual Suspects integrated into the verses.

If you are not up on Sketch and this song has piqued your interest, check his joint from a few years ago, Virginia Tec-9.  He’s got a new mix tape dropping entitled, Handle Bars.  Don’t sleep!

Jesse Abraham: Bars & NoBull

Artist: Jesse Abraham

Album: Bars & NoBull


  1. Of Course (prod. by JA)
  2. Yoga (Video) (prod. by Spills)
  3. Just Gettin’ Going (prod. by KO Beatz)
  4. Who’s That (prod. by Trace Thomas)
  5. Little Bit Of Everything (prod. by KO Beatz)
  6. Got That Juice (ft. Albert Rhymestein) (prod.  by Willie Green)
  7. Digit (prod. by Panjabi MC)
  8. Don’t Taze Me (ft. Jeanette Berry) (prod. by Spills)
  9. Life Is A Free Throw (prod. by Trace Thomas)
  10. Word Of Mouth (ft. Premonition) (prod by Spills)
  11. Get To Know Me (prod. by Trace Thomas)
  12. Raucous Lawlessness (prod. by !llmind)
  13. Get Off Me (prod. by Trace Thomas)
  14. Ventura (prod. by JA)



Jesse, who? Jesse Abraham? I still don’t know who we are talking about. But what I did find out after listening to, Bars & NoBull is that this emcee is different. And I mean different in a good way.

Fun. Zaney. Witty. Lyrical. Gifted. Those are all words I would use to describe Jesse Abraham after listening to this album. Fun hip hop finally finds it’s way to us via Mr. Abraham in 2010.  Admittedly I was a a bit unsure of this artist up to track three of this album, but he really started to grow on me.   His style is extremely unorthodox in terms of relating him to another style or trying to place him in the proverbial box.  He is somewhat similiar to Homeboy Sandman if for no other reason that they are unconventional in their rhyme patterns and cadence.

If you can appreciate an artist pushing the boundaries of hip hop, like clever and witty lines, and superb production, you will enjoy this release.  It took a minute for me to develop this appreciation but after all is said and done this will retain it’s replay value for years to come.

Shouts out to DJ Booth from whence this release came!