PT & Fan Ran – AIRTIGHT (EAR*TITE) (2018)


Here’s some more dope that needs to be shared, and apparently it’s coming out of my hometown (Richmond, VA) which is doubly ill.  PT and Fan Ran linked up for a project AIRTIGHT (EAR*TITE) and this is a nice example of boom-bap done right.

My favorite track, IKNOW,  is incredibly fresh, and the production from Fan Ran is just impeccable.  That piano and vocal sample made a definite point with me!  And PT definitely has a mic presence that makes you feel what he’s saying.  The former even joins the latter for a dope guest sixteen.

This is definitely something to pay attention to!


Single You Out: GC – iKnow

When working a proper blog one of things you have to avoid is strictly promoting the same artists and turning a blind eye to rising talent.  This is always a challenge when I think about how I divide my time for what I listen to.  Well, I just happened to check out this track from an artist out of Houston called GC.   That is a good thing because it also so happens that the track is pretty dope.   GC seems lyrically apt on this joint and I would be anxious to hear more from him, as should you.