Skrewtape – Sell It For Two (Video)

Skrewtape is back with some new dope with his latest single, Sell It For Two. This song has a chill and uptempo vibe to it that just kind of glides into those eardrums.

Skrewtape is just one of those dudes that has done no wrong behind the mic. Always delivering that raspy illness in his music. He is due for a new album so hopefully that’s on the way.


Single You Out: IceRocks – 3 Eyes Closed (ft. Calamity Chris, Spit Gemz & SicWitDaPen)

Some vintage feeling hip hop from producer IceRocks and comrades-of-the-mic Calamity Chris, Spit Gemz, and SicWitDaPen.  The vibe definitely has a 1990s sound, and takes me back to when I first heard Jemini The Gifted One…add that’s a strong compliment.  The emcees each bring a different type of ammo to the salvo but it all comes together.  Calamity Chris has a very laid back deliver, Gemz always brings a ferocity, and SicWitDaPen closes with a bridge between the two styles.

IceRocks new album, Live From The Bunker is presumed to be around the corner!