Single You Out: Swerve & SYG – I Have Love (prod. Heikki Hoo)


Swerve is that man right now in my opinion.  The songs that Swerve and SYG are offering up right now are incredible.    If you are a fan of hip hop you are going to love this music.  These are relate able rhymes combined with an almost bluesy feel in the production.  But here’s the caveat, they need our help in order to finish their vision for what the forthcoming album Cold Winter & War Whiskeys 2 should be.  They want to put out a premium product and need some investment from their listeners (family) so they can see this project through.  So they are charging $1.29 for the song.    Of course this is an investment, so please feel free to contribute more.  For $20.00 they will send you a signed physical copy of the album when it is released.  What I would like to see from my readership is at least a $5.00 donation to the cause to help promote good music.  Because without our assistance in some capacity…this good music is going away…