EK – Dress My Fears (ft. Simile) (Video)

First off, shout out to Dub MD for always keeping me in the know when it comes to dope new music that’s coming out.  It’s guys like him that help guys like me spread the word to folks like you.  Today’s newness is an emcee who rocks under the monniker of EK.  The song, Dress My Fears, is especially poignant when regarding the latest tragedy that has befallen the community of Charleston, South Carolina.   The track is off his forthcoming EP, Hands Of Time.  That’s hitting on July 1st.

B-1 – Hands of Time (prod. by Large Professor) (Video)

B-1 got laced by Large Professor with some vintage hip hop production, and evidently  he knew exactly what to do with that…he rips it.  B-1 has, not just a good flow, but a great flow.  He’s putting these young kids on notice with a skill set like this.   Good show.  The fact that this track comes from the vaults of 1997 is pretty impressive when considering how well it plays over 15 years later.   It still sounds fresher than the majority of the sounds coming out at this moment.

According to the Ill Adrenaline press release that accompanied this track, B-1 is working on a new album due out next year and this single (not related to his album) is available at iTunes right now.