The Last Emperor & Haak Filmore – Run It (ft. RUCKER p.a.w.k & CLEVER 1 OF DA BUZE BRUVAZ) (Video)

The release of The Last Emperor and Haak Filmore’s Jungle Jim Season 1 really caught me by pleasant surprise.  While I knew the project was dropping sometime in 2018, I had no idea that it was coming last week.  I just gave it a complete listen this morning, and it’s completely DOPE!  Exceeds expectations especially for an artist that hasn’t dropped anything in a minute.

This video is pretty indicative of the quality sound you are going to get from the project as a whole.  It’s steepened in hip hop roots but remains very fresh.    The track features Da Bruze Brovaz.

Check it out and cop the album it’s a must have!

The Last Emperor & Haak Filmore – Jungle Jim (Video)

The Last Emperor has always been one of my favorite artists. However, he only has one album to his credit (that I know of) and a handful of mixtape-esque projects.

Well, now word has come that he has an album coming out in 2017 (again titled Jungle Jim) produced by Haak Filmore. That’s damn exciting to think about. The Last Emperor is an extremely talented emcee and I hope the rest of the hip hop community has the opportunity to check it out. This song is just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come.