38 Spesh – DARK & GRIM (prod. by 38 Spesh) (Video)

This is my favorite track from 38 Spesh’s project, GunSmoke. This joint is just so dark and ominous, and while it only contains one verse from Spesh, he packs an amazing punch! His sharp bars and wordplay over his own soundscape further solidifies this man’s greatness as an artist. No man, and no thing is standing in Spesh’s way.

…I put your rats in the graveyard…I hate y’all…got your name attached to this bullet like a trademark.

38 Spesh – Crowned King (Video)

38 Spesh unleashes some musical motivation for when it comes to attaining one’s goals. He keeps delivering greatness and great music with each release, and Crowned King off his recently released Gunsmoke project, is no different. He continues to show growth and refinement in his craft, and shows off a powerful drive and work ethic to go along with his skill.

BP – Gunsmoke (ft. RJ Payne x E Class) (Video)

This song has a lot of bite behind it! This is my favorite track from BP’s latest EP, The Supreme Seven. This beat from BP knocks doors off hinges. I love the the keys being pushed here along with the snapping drums. And damn…RJ Payne and E Class annihilate the production. These are some insanely tough bars. Probably will be one of my favorite tracks from the year when it’s all said and done. I feel it that much.