Heavy Metal Kings – Bad Hombres (ft. Goretex) (Video)

Black God White Devil is out now! And Bad Hombres unleashes an unholy litany of violent rhymes when Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz connect with Goretex over a Giallo Point production.

I’ve gone through the album once and it may even be better than the original, but you should be the one left to decide.

Check it!


Single You Out: Gore Elohim (Non Phixion) – Children Of Doom (ft. Red Eye x Born Unique x Venom) (Prod by Beatahoe)


New single from Gore Elohim (formerly known as Goretex from Non Phixion) entitled Children Of Doom.  The track features fellow heavy hitters Red Eye,  Born Unique, and Venom. The Production comes to us courtesy of Beatahoe.

This is coming off of his new album, Electric Lucifer, which you can order from his website now.  And as I understand it, this will be hitting all digital distributors on October 31st.   I have yet to listen to the album but the reaction from those who have heard it has been extremely positive.   If this track is any indication I would say it’s DAMN good.