Chaundon – #GoldenEraMonday EP

Chaundon is on the second week of his #GoldenEraMonday series.  I have decided that in support of Chaundon I am going to update this post continuously so heads can check all the tracks together in case they missed a week or two.   On March 6th, Chaundon will be releasing his latest album,  The Jammington.  Anyone familiar with Chaundon’s body of work knows that he gives the fans nothing but the best and is very generous with his time and music.  Be sure to support Chaundon and remember to check back here every Monday for the next track.

Week 1  – @Ohdimelenzy

Week 2 – Conviction

Week 3 – The Situation 

Week 4 – Conquest

Week 5 – Can’t Pretend

Week 6 – I Live It