Jermiside & L-Marr the Star – Ours (Video)

It’s a Cincinnati/Atlanta connection when Jermiside and L-Marr that Star team up for the song/video, Ours.   The song to me is pretty impactful when considering the surrounding world and what has taken from people at the hands of an election, the police, etc.   This is a reclamation of what is owed to the masses.   They can’t take it all away!

New project, God Bless The Child, dropping on December 2nd.

Single You Out: Sareem Poems & Imperial – God Bless the Child


Usually I provide my own commentary, but who am I to address something so personal?  I will let the man Sareem Poems tell the story behind this track with Imperial, with a toast to fatherhood and good hip hop music:

Around the time Imperial and I were starting our project, he released an instrumental called God Bless the Child. Everyone raved about it and the emotion of the beat grabbed me. I immediately thought about my son Zaire, the journey to the day of his birth and the lengths I would go to make sure he knows that he is loved.

I hit up Imperial about the idea of adding vocals to his masterpiece. My lyrics detail my personal journey of being a father. I’m sure that other fathers and mothers can relate. It was also a chance to have my wife sing on something (her voice is beautiful). I hope I have added to the brilliance Imperial shared with you all not too long ago.