Locksmith – Labyrinth (2012)

Artist: Locksmith

Album: Labyrinth

Source: Artist


1. Life Is Beautiful
2. Outta Reach (ft. Ceek)
3. My Character (ft. GLC)
4. Smile
5. On My Own (ft. Allen Ritter)
6. The Pit
7. Halleluja
8. I Hate Rabbits
9. Little Bunny Rabbit
10. Gone Tomorrow (ft. Fallon)
11. Take Me Away (ft. Fallon)
12. A.D.D.
13. Slight Disgust
14. Illuminati
15. Labyrinth


There are a lot of artists scratching and clawing for recognition.  Many of these artists are gifted.  Many artists we cover on HHD possess some of the qualities that are important to being a great emcee.  Locksmith, however,  has all of those qualities.  He is the consummate lyricist.  He has total control of his delivery.  He can give it to you uptempo or down.  He can flip this or that beat.   It doesn’t matter.  He is intelligent.  As an emcee, there is not a chink in the armor.  But that alone does not make a great album.  We’ve all seen lyricists come and go and never really reach their musical potential.

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