Gift of Gab – Freedom Form Flowing (ft. R.A. The Rugged Man and A-F-R-O) (Video)

Wow. This is some of the best spittery this year, period. Gift Of Gab, A-F-R-O, and R.A. The Rugged Man are clearly just showing off here and as well they should. There are better bars on here than you can find on some entire albums! Really ill. But man, R.A.’s climatic third verse simply just takes the cake…I left listening to this track with nothing but shear admiration.

Single You Out: Illus – Better (ft. Gift Of Gab and Paul Dateh)

This song is something special.  I enjoyed everything about it.  The beat was tight, the lyricism was on point, and the message was meaningful.  Just a perfect example of hip hop.  Be on the lookout for Illus‘ album, For Adam, dropping later this month.  His debut EP, Feel Good Music, is a good place to start if you are not familiar with the man.


Playdough – Hotdoggin (2011)

Artist: Playdough

Album: Hotdoggin

Source: Not Sure Where I First Heard This One


  1. Nunya
  2. Rhymer Reason
  3. No Angel
  4. Elizabeth Shue
  5. The Business
  6. Say Sumn
  7. My Cadillac
  8. Frank & Beans (ft. Gift Of Gab)
  9. 1 Day
  10. Hotdoggin
  11. Single Minded Female
  12. So What (ft. Freddie Bruno)
  13. I Got It Like
  14. Ya Heard With Mr. Dibbs vs. The Black Keys
  15. Follow It
  16. Sunset

When I caught wind of this album I didn’t really embrace the listening opportunity with open arms. It sat in my hard drive for quite a while but then I heard the lead single from the album, My Cadillac, and my disposition changed. That is a really fun hip hop song. Fun hip hop hasn’t been en vogue for quite sometime and this song is very distinct. From that launching point I started playing the album and from the jump I could tell that this artist was going to be a breath of fresh air for my Itunes.
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