Single You Out: Gary Rue – Down (ft. Jon Buell, El Ay, and Tone Twist)


Gary Rue is definitely someone I check for all off the strength of his first two release.  He flies under the radar and definitely deserves more recognition for the skill he displays.  Here we have a dope record featuring El Ay, Jon Buell, and Tone Twist.   Production was procured by Lob Van Beathoven and the scratches by DJ Trickalone.     This is a fresh joint the sets the stage fro Rue’s upcoming, The Burgeoning Nihlist.

Single You Out: Gary Rue – Dreams (ft. Recognize Ali x Jon Buell x DJ Trickalome)


Gary Rue has announced a new project and if it is anywhere NEAR as good as the last we are all in for something dope!

That being said, this new single really speaks for itself.  It’s got an incredibly raw and intense sound that was laid by much respected producer, Sultan Mir.  Plus you got some pretty tough wordplay alongside Rue with Recognize Ali (not many names hotter than this one right now) and Jon Buell.  DJ Trickalome then add some ill scratches to make this cut standout all the more.

Really excited to hear this project which I was told will be dropping in June.

Single You Out: Gary Rue – Barking At The Moon

Gary Rue

New joint from Gary Rue who came widdit with his latest project, Every Shrink’s Wet Dream.  This new single is definitely on par with where that project left off.  The production from Sultan Mir, with the vocal sample, all the way down to the chorus is really dope and downright impactful.  Gary Rue and guests Aye God and G-Mo Sosa deliver a solid salvo of bars making this track a standout.

Single You Out: Gary Rue – Creatures Of Habit (ft. K-Beta)

Gary Rue

Yo!  I purchased this Gary Rue album, Every Shrink’s Wet Dream, and it is teetering on fantastic!  The production which is vastly handled by Sultan Mir is on point and Rue can spit some fire.  If I was to give an album, a numeric rating,  which I very well may start doing we may be looking at an 8.5 out of 10.   It’s that good.

To represent this album, I chose the cut Creatures Of Habit because not only is it a fire track that represents hip hop to the fullest, but also features K-Beta.  I love Beta.  I always have.  It’s good to hear him on the mic.

Check this album out!  It won’t disappoint!