Single You Out: Verbal Kent – Suitcase Switch (ft. Freddie Gibbs)

Verbal Kent is back with the backing of Apollo Brown and Freddie Gibbs for his new single, Suitcase Switch.  The production from Apollo Brown is absolutely beautiful.  It’s got so much soul packed into the span of four minutes.  Kent and Gibbs do an admirable job spitting some nice bars with their own divergent styles.  Kent keeps a rapid delivery while Gibbs relies on a more methodical approach to rocking the mic.  It all comes together nicely.

Verbal Kent’s new album, Anesthesia, drops on September 11th.

Co$$ x Numonics – Revelations

Artist: Co$$ x Numonics

Album: Revelations

Source: 2Dopeboyz


  1. Free
  2. Revelations
  3. They Keep Asking
  4. Gone (ft. Freddie Gibbs)
  5. Fake Kings
  6. Doubt Us
  7. We On (ft. Wrekonize)
  8. Confetti
  9. Let ‘Em Live
  10. Now Til Infinity (ft. Reks and Naledge)
  11. Tick Tock (ft. Sene)
  12. Paranoid
  13. Time Is Now
  14. It’s All Happening
  15. Genesis


Some releases catch you by surprise, Revelations, however was on my radar from jump. Co$$ has been getting better and better with every cut I hear him on. His flow and his drawl are very unique. His content is deeper than most would give him credit for. Numonics is also quickly becoming one of the more acclaimed producers in independent hip hop if you ask me. His previous work on his debut album, released earlier this year, Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills gave him the opportunity to showcase his vast talent.

Co$$ and Numonics is not just a good combination,…it is a great combination. The album is dope. The track Free is a mere glimpse into what the duo can do. Co$$ goes to town over the heater. He breaks down how he is free from the constraints of a corrupt industry. He does not need to conform and can rock the mic his way. He truly is an original emcee in every sense of the phrase. I really can’t think of anyone that remotely sounds like Co$$.  His cadence and rhyme schemes constantly have you checking and rewinding.  It’s unorthodox and entrancing all at the same time.

Another choice cut from, Revelations, is the track Paranoid. Numonics hooks the listener up with a beat that fits the concept. It can best be described as neurotic. Co$$ then proceeds to give you multiple reasons to be afraid and paranoid of existing conditions.  He speaks on his unpreparedness for the future financially, his place in the streets, and having sex in this day and age.  The song straight up gave me a phobia just by listening to it!

Numonics production really leaves me tongue tied at times. It’s hard to pigeon hole the man. He is so diverse in his sound. He uses synth, horns, electric funk guitar, operatic sample, etc. You never know what the next track holds for you musically on this release.  He keeps you guessing on every piece of production which add to the pleasure of listening to, Revelations.

When people ask me who is the next to blow ala Freddie Gibbs, I point them in the direction of Co$$. He has the rare combination of street savvy, intelligent lyrics, and crafty flow. He has all the intangibles to blow up in today’s climate.

Revelations is a clear demonstration of talent both in terms of production and emceeing. It will leave you wanting more and I am sure there is much more on the horizon from both producer and emcee.  Just stay tuned.


Paranoid (Numonics Alt Mix) -Download

Rock On – Download

Gotham Green: Haze Diaries Vol. 3

Artist:  Gotham Green & DJ Quickie Mart

Album: Haze Diaries Vol. 3

Features: El Prez, Planet Asia, Freddie Gibbs, Jes Hudak, Icon The Mic KingMalkovich, Jackie Tohn, Tunji

Production: DJ Quickie Mart, Josh The Goon

Favorites:  Tell Me Something, Smoke For The Ladies, The Five Families, Dirty Filthy Liar

Recommendation: Highly Recommend

Notes:  If you are not familiar with Gotham Green and DJ Quickie Mart then this is a perfect opportunity for you to do so.  Haze Diaries Vol. 3 features a full range of production, dope flows, and a good assortment of guest shots throughout.  Gotham Green continues to show his competency when he is confronted with a microphone.  He simply slays his verses.  The female vocalist, Jes Hudak, is also very noteworthy.  I rarely give credit when it comes to the vocalists on releases but she really makes the songs so much better when she comes on over the chorus.  I think in all there was one song I might skip over but that should not detract from the overall quality of the project.