Single You Out: Forbidden Dialect – Old School


It’s really hard to believe that the last time I featured Forbidden Dialect was back in 2011.  That would make them one of my initial submissions back when we were back in our infancy.  I recently received an email from one of the members asking me to check out their new project, Wi-Fi on the South Side.    I did  a couple of days ago, and this album they put together is fantastic.   Some great rhyme, super production, well incorporated samples and GREAT all around song making.    I am going to hit you off with the track Old School and then hit you with an album review soon.  Check it!  The album is free!!!!!

Forbidden Dialect – Orange Sessions (2011)

Artist: Forbidden Dialect

Album: Orange Sessions

Source: Artist


1. Peoples
2. Eat my WOrds
3. Good Shite
4. Claymore Cafe
5. Long Tail
6. 40 Mules
7. Sueño del Carajo
8. Walk with Paris
9. Cycle Logic
10. Aopkhes
11. Sad City f/ Scrap Iron Jame
12. DMZ
13. Traffic Jam
14. Monumental
15. Scat Song
16. Small Favors


Give me something different.  Something unique.  Give me…some more music from Forbidden Dialect! I reviewed their first joint, More Than Your Money’s Worth, more than a year ago.  I found it on my own, web surfing and thought it was refreshing.  This time Forbidden Dialect sent me the link to their new album.   I thought to myself, “What are the chances that this album is as good as the first?”   I was incredulous, but to my pleasant surprise, Orange Sessions, is probably better than their first effort.   If More Than Your Money’s Worth is initially fresh, then Orange Sessions is consistently vibrant.  It simply follows in the footsteps of it’s predecessor and expands upon that foundation.   When you have six (count them) talented artists, with diverse backgrounds, then it is inevitable that you are going to get a very unique album.

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