Greater Than – Fine Wine (Video)

I just got done listening to this  Greater Than’s self-titled album, this afternoon.  I thought it was really quite boom-bastic.  For those of you who are not in the know, Greater Than is made up of Seattle artists, Grynch, Fearce Vill, and Grieves.

The first thing I want to make mention of is that Grieves does not rhyme on the album, but produces.  And his chops behind the boards are impressive.  I mean he crafted some delicious rhythms.  I didn’t realize that he could get down like that.

Grinch and and Fearce Vill definitely represent well on the lyrical level as well.   Both lyrically and visually catching bodies over the track Fine Wine.  If you are feeling this joint than undoubtedly you will feel the rest.

Single You Out: Satchel Page – Fine Wine (ft Neek The Exotic & Mic Handz) (prod. by Alterbeats)



Satchel Page brings in Neek The Exotic and Mic Handz to collaborate on the mic while the break out the wine press for some ‘fine wine’.  The beat comes courtesy of French beat maker, Alterbeats.   This production is much more smoothed out then I am used to hearing from Alterbeats.  I like it.  It’s very easy on the ears.