Check The Discography: The Narcicyst

The Narcicyst is one of the most relevant artists in hip hop right now.  As a good portion of the world shudders at the terms ‘Muslim’ and ‘Arab’, The Narcicyst embraces his heritage and attempts to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions.  He addresses today’s issues in speaking engagements, books, and not to be forgotten…music.  Never to be lost in the mix is that The Narcicyst is a gifted emcee.  He couples socio-political view points with ill lyricism.  He is one of a very few who continues to use hip hop as a vehicle to reach and teach the masses and his work really bares mentioning.

He has a lot of material, much of which is offered for free on his blog, Iraq Is The Bomb.  I have also put these releases all in one place below so that you can check them out.  Previous to a solo career, The Narcicyst was in a group called Euphrates.  The group released two projects, A Bend In The River and Stereotypes Incorporated.  I have included those as well as they are out of print and impossible to find for sale.  His self-titled album from 2009, and best work to date, is available on Itunes and that link is also included.  Please click the album or mixtape you are interested in so that you may download or be taken to a link to purchase.    If you have a question about something , don’t hesitate to ask.

Here are a couple of videos that I really enjoy.  The first one is for P.H.A.T.W.A. which is one of the most poignant political and social commentaries set to music. Hamdulillah is the second video and shows you the many faces of Islam.  Both are excellent visuals for extraordinary songs.