Esh & Arc – Needle In Panic Park (ft. J Ring of Boogie Boy Metal Mouth) (Video)

This video is a pretty dope reconstruction of the Quentin Tarantino flick, Pulp Fiction.  The production from The Arcitype, has a very noir feel to it, that feels just right when coupled with these visuals.  Esh delivers a bevy  of disturbing lines that are nuanced in depravity making this cut a dope, yet sinister addiction.

This cut is from the duo’s new album, Death Doesn’t Want You.

Single You Out: Grey Sky Appeal x Esh The Monolith – Flatbush

Grey Sky Appeal have linked up with New England emcee, Esh The Monolith, for their new project, Moon Balloon.  The entire project is eclectic and interesting.  It’s in no danger of being mistaken for anything else that you have heard.   Just like the track, Flatbush, the album treads on the abstract but still maintains the the head nod effect.   Lyrically…be prepared to utilize the rewind button.  There’s a ton of depth here!

Esh & Arc – Werewolves Anonymous (Video)

Not too many artists are willing to tackle the topic of Werewoloves…as a matter of fact, I can only think of two artists:  Esh & Arc.   But they do it incredibly fresh.  The beat by The Arcitype is a calculated frenzy while Esh tells some ghoulish tales with poignant flow.   The video is also well done as the director meshes a horror movie montage with Esh doing his thing on cam.

I constantly check back and listen to their collaborative EP, Nightworks.  It’s that damn good!