Passalacqua – Zebehazy Summer (2011)

Artist: Passalacqua (Mister x Blaksmith)

Album: Zebehazy Summer

Source: Artist


1. Better Made
2. Lovers Leap
3. Rapraprapraprap Pt. 1
4. Ms. Washington (Bridge Card Hustle)
5. Sirens
6. Beverly and Duane
7. High Anxiety (ft. Ben Miles)
8. Rapraprapraprap Pt. 2
9. Sunset City
10. Own Thing


I must admit, I was not expecting a Passalacqua full length this year. As many of you know, I reviewed their sensational, self titled release earlier this year.   That release is a hard one to top and it took me a while to give Zebehazy Summer enough spins to appropriately differentiate the two.  The main difference is in the production.  Dr. B produced their first release and I thought it had a more straight forward hip hop appeal.  Erno the Inferno really brings the funk and soul out in the tracks.   It took me a moment to digest this new flavor.  But with that being said…Mister and Blaksmith take this new style and really lay claim to each track.

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