Single You Out: Epsilon Project – Prayer (ft. Rae Edmond)

I have followed Epsilon Project for quite a while, but it has been a minutes since they have put out any new music. I was pleasantly surprised this week when I saw this new project from member Verb, MIDRANGE drop.

Prayer is my favorite cut from this project. I love the vocal sample and the production overall. The emcees each add a personal element to the track making this song something that will tap into listener’s consciousness.


No. 1 Epsilon Project – Audacity EP (2010)

Epsilon Project

Audacity EP



  1. A.O.D. Intro
  2. Audacity Of
    Dope (prod. by Seize)
  3. Turn It Up (prod. by
    Soopa Koopa)
  4. Inspiration (prod. by Kev
  5. America (prod. by DJ
  6. In God We Trust (prod by DJ
  7. Poor World (ft. Mr Lee) (prod. by OhNo)
  8. Sleeping
    Giant (ft. Dopamine Rush of P.O.E.)
  9. Deranged
    Vets (prod. by V.I)

Our #1 EP from 2010 goes to the Epsilon Project’s
Audacity. To say that this project is quality
would be severely understating it’s worth. This is one of the most
solid projects that dropped in the last two years because it knocks
from start to finish. The array of emcees and production really
adds to making Audacity the dynamic project that it is.
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