Single You Out: Evan Black – Let Em Know (Ft. Emilio Rojas)


Here’s another artist I know nothing about: Evan Black.  But this joint sounds good to me.  Of course you got the vet, Emilio Rojas contributing a verse, and King I Divine on the boards so that’s always going to help.  Apparently he has a project dropping on September 10th entitled, The Arrival.  That seems appropriately.

Emilio Rojas – Tomorrow Never Comes (Video)

When Emilio Rojas spits about that real life shit you just have to pay attention.  Here he speaks on the hypocritical thoughts he is faced with as he contemplates the day when tomorrow never comes.  This is just something we can all relate to, or maybe it’s just me.  Also, the visuals especially towards the end seal the deal. His album, No Shame, No Regrets, drops on June 11th.

Jesse Abraham – I Am Water (2013)


Artist: Jesse Abraham

Album: I Am Water

Source: Artist


1. Overture
2. I Ain’t Sh!t – I’m The Sh!t
3. Back Off
4. Parallels ft. Emilio Rojas & TreZure EmpirE
5. You’re Not A Ghost Anymore
6. 1der 2der
7. Never Felt High Til Now ft. Nitty Scott, MC
8. The Scene
9. I’ve Tried ft. Chino XL
10. Brush Your Teeth
11. Gottdamn Superhero Penguin
12. Hurdles
13. Hi, Heaven
14. Die Holding Hands

Jesse Abraham is a model of convention.  Ok.  I hate to start off with a blatant lie but I felt the need to check to see if you really know who Abraham is.  If you had checked our previous review of Abrhams’ Bars & NoBull, you would understand that he is the anti-thesis of conventions.  Think of the most standard rhyme schemes and ideas and then toss those ideas from your mind as you begin to partake in I Am Water.

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Single You Out: Three Blind Nice (ft. Emilio Rojas)

I had my reservations based upon the track’s title, but I was once again wrong.  Never judge a book by it’s cover.  14KT is on the production which puts that new school, hip hop  twist on a childhood favorite. Calliko can also spit some bars.  Definitely somebody you should put on your radar.  He’s supposed to put out an album entitled Terminal Dos this summer.


Check The Discography: Emilio Rojas

I haven’t done as many ‘check the discography’ segments as I would have liked and was thinking which emcee has put in a lot of work that people would like to get their hands on. I came up with the prolific, Emilio Rojas. The man has undergone a few name changes and a new crowd may not be up on his older material. I am a big fan of this NYC artist and thought some other people might feel the same way and like to check out some of his earlier work.  Unfortunately, the only way to here the album, For Good, is if you want to pay $40.00+ for the import CD at CD Universe. My apologies.

Emilio has another mixtape/street album, Breaking Point, dropping before the end of the year.  He has already released a few singles from that joint.  Also, he and producer M-Phazes have an album that dropped earlier this year under the name Phaze One.  Unfortunately that album is only available in Australia on Itunes.  Here is the link if you happen to be Australian.

(Last Updated:  September 25th, 2013)


Single You Out: Emilio Rojas – Breaking Point

Emilio Rojas is a favorite at my house.  He always spits from the heart and his flows are so intense the listener can’t help but feel what he feels to some degree.    With that being said, Breaking Point just is a building of that emotional intensity.  I hope his new EP is just as ill because this where he is at his best.  For instance this is the one of the illest and real bars I have ever heard:

…my daddy learned she was pregnant and he was so angered / He tried to end it, I’m no stranger to coat hangers

It gets no realer!