Single You Out: B Leafs – Reaganomics (ft. Elzhi, Ras Kass, M-Dot, and Large Professor)


I was reminded today when B Leafs’ new album, The Horizon,  dropped this morning that I had yet to post this incredibly dope single.   The talent level incorporated with the likes of Elzhi, Ras Kass, M-Dot, and Large Professor is going to be hard to surpass when it comes to lyrical firepower.

I am a little better than halfway through the whole project by the way and it’s solid!  But this the marquee moment thus far through my listen.

One Be Lo – Laborhood Part 2 (2011)

Artist: One Be Lo

Album: Laborhood Vol. 2

Source: Bandcamp


01. Laborhood 2 Intro
02. Clap feat. RoSpit, T Calmese & Elzhi
03. Chemistry feat. Grynch
04. Panthers feat. JYoung The General, Mae Day & J.A.E.
05. Combat feat. Verbal Kent
06. E.T. Remix
07. Lettin’ Go feat. So Realistic
08. Hooliganry feat. Catch Lungs
09. The Medicine feat. The Planets
10. U Minor, We Major feat. Varsity Squad
11. Weapons feat. Apokalypse, Proof, Ron Dada & Miz Korona
12. Freakin Flo’s feat. Decompoze
13. Thoughts Take Flight feat. Senim Silla & O Type Star
14. All In feat. El Da Sensei
15. Wash Away feat. Lon Won
16. Up All Nite feat. Phatboy Chef


We are only about three days away from One Be Lo’s next official release, L.A.B.O.R.  I already detailed Vol. 1 a couple of weeks ago and this grouping of One Be Lo’s previous works is equally as dope.   When you hear both of these volumes, it gives the listener a true appreciation of how gifted One Be Lo really is.  I really dig the whole thing but I remember when I first heard the joint Chemistry that he did with Grynch and Combat with Verbal Kent.  Those tracks really resonate with me and both outstanding examples of lyricism.

Again, Laborhood Vol. 2 is only $3 and it would be a damn shame if you didn’t own both volumes.  You are getting a grip of dope tracks for less than the cost of one album.  I could do a whole write up on the tracks you hear on this release but I am going to hold off until L.A.B.O.R. drops this coming Tuesday, September 6th.   Be sure you pick that up when the time comes!

Update:  The Laborhood releases are free!  Free up until Sept. 6th and his other releases are only $1.00! Pick them all up!