Single You Out: Ekundayo x Spitzwell – Looking Down

This is my favorite track off of Ekundayo and Spitzwell’s collaborative effort, Magnificent Brilliance. Listen to this production from Spitzwell! How dope is that craftsmanship?!?!?! You know it’s special. The violin/fiddle is legit along with the varying ways it is applied throughout the song. And Ekundayo’s flow is something serious, flipping intricate lyricism on the thin line of life and death.

Enjoy this one people!

Single You Out: J-Live – Microphone Stamina (ft. Ekundayo)

J-Live has a new album dropping in a few weeks entitled, How Much Is Water?.  As most of us who have paid attention to hip hop within the last decade, J-Live is known for his word play mastery.   He is the true definition of the word ’emcee’.  He just has so much dexterity when it comes to his flow.  His word combinations and ideas are anything but standard.  He has been ahead of the curve for much of his career and I believe this release will be no different.