Rikers Island Boxing School – Rifle Experts (Video)

This track has been out for a while, but I simply have to post it. Better late than never and this head simply has to be recognized. Spit Gemz and Eff Yoo combine talents to form Rikers Island Boxing School. And these guys have a vicious spit game that they are bringing to the future on this track, Rifle Experts. They are surveying the post-apocalyptic landscape of Queens in 2099. And they visit courtesy of the production of Project Porter. This is a dope track that signals a dope project is on it’s way.

Single You Out: Eff Yoo – Saks Fifth Avenue (ft. Fastlife) (prod. by The Kurse)


New single from Eff Yoo teaming up with Fastlife over some heat from producer The Kurse, as they keep the pressure on with yet another banger from their project,  Spicaso Dos.   Eff and Fastlife prove to be a nice combination as their flows compliment each other quite well.  And The Kurse remains unable to pigeon holed with his production talents, in a lane all his own.

Single You Out: Eff Yoo x The Kurse – Saturn’s Rings (ft. Recognize Ali)


Eff Yoo and producer The Kurse release the single, Saturn’s Rings for their recently dropped album, Spicaso Deluxe, which is out now!  Everything is great about this track.  The haunting production,  the bars from both Eff Yoo and Recognize Ali both ring bells, and then you get the scratches from DJ TMB which takes the track to next level in my opinion.

If you love this joint, you really should obligate yourself to check out the album.

Single You Out: Eff Yoo – Seppuku In B Minor (ft G.S. Advance, Aye Wun & Spit Gemz) (Prod The Kurse)


Eff Yoo and The Kurse are back in the lab and cooking up some heat.  If you add such chefs as G.S. Advance, Spit Gemz, and Aye Wun to the mix then you have music as food for days.

The Kurse puts together a beat as a blessing for the emcees to launch salvos over.  This vocal sample echoes in the background, while there is some savagery occurring on the mic.

I can’t wait for the new project to arrive.

Eff Yoo – Chinese Super Ninjas (ft. G.S Advance,Skanks The Rap Martyr and Spit Gemz) (Video)

So I have a post with Spit Gemz today and one with Skanks but why don’t we tie them together with this cut from Eff Yoo and Rediculous’ album, The Eff Word.   Chinese Super Ninjas is a dope posse cut that also includes bars from G.S. Advance.

There’s a really good mix of bars and styles on this cut, but my favorite line comes from Skanks:

…I never served time, I always made my time serve me…

Man, I like that wordplay.

Single You Out: Eff Yoo – Lust In Eden (ft. Spit Gemz and Carmen Indhira)

This is my favorite cut off of Eff Yoo’s Papa Dios album.  I love the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ vibe from the name of the song to the content therein.  The instrumentation is dope and of course you’ve got Spit Gemz rocking the mic with Eff Yoo.  Also one of the blessings of the songs is I get to hear Carmen Indhira albeit all so subtly.

Check the album if you have not already.