Single You Out: Passalacqua – Long Hair Anthem


One of my favorite duos is back at it and innovating.  The first thing you will notice here is the awesome cover art.  Very 70’s!  The second thing you will bear witness to is the AWESOME production from Eddie Logix.  The production is perfection with that killer sample in conjunction with those drums.  But Passalacqua injects their own vision of perfection onto the track with clever lyricism and a chemistry that gets better and better with every release.  They are incredibly versatile.  I started this blog working with Mister and Blaksmith and that’s not changing any time soon.

This cut is part of a compilation CF HUSTLE: Portrait of A Gentleman and that will be dropping on March 24th.   Stay Tuned!

Benjamin Miles & Eddie Logix – Play It Forward (2011)

Artist: Eddie Logix x Benjamin Miles

Album: Play It Forward

Source: Artist


1. Begin The World
2. Meaningful Work
3. In Sickness And Health
4. My Mind
5. Stay
6. Tree House
7. Good Right Now
8. Pay That Tab
9. BTW
10. Play It Forward


This is one of those albums that somehow found it’s way to me and I eventually listened to…and subsequently loved.  The note that came with the album was that the producer, Eddie Logix, found beats that perfectly fit the emcee, Benjamin Miles.  And you know what?  You can tell.   Each track relates to a different part of Benjamin Miles personality to the point the album has an autobiographical feel to it.

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