Mr. Live x Earl Blaize – Flipped and UN-ed You (Video)

I just posted this single a few days ago, and yes I was late on it.  Now the video is here and I am right on time.  Mr. Live and Earl Blaize liven up the part on this sleepy subway ride in the NYC.   This looks like a fun video to have shot, and the birthday hats added sublime flavor.  Don’t sleep on Mr. Live…he is dishing up something proper come September.


Single You Out: Mr. Live x Earl Blaize – Flipped + Un’ed You

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Alot of people may not be aware of  Mr. Live’s histpry, but I am not most people.  Mr. Live is a pioneer in the independent hip hop scene in New York.  In the late 1990s he was dropping a grip of dope 12″.  He has a unique style and voice that really plays well in today’s music scene.  This song starts off so soulful and then knocks your sneakers off.  Great track albeit short.  So be on your toes when he drops his new EP, Conflicted,  sponsored by Dub MD, drops this September.